From birth, children have an acute connection to their senses, where touch, taste, smell, sight and sound work simultaneously to allow them to experience and make senses of the world around them.

One on one time, small group learning opportunities and a sense of belonging are prioritised in the Nursery rooms, with lots of cuddles, engagement and quiet time.


  • Pigeon bottles and sippy cups
  • Formula and milk of choice
  • Huggies nappies
  • Monthly baby massage sessions
  • Dedicated team that exceeds the required educator to child ratios
  • Settling and sleeping consultations if requested
  • Specific menu designed for ages 4-6months and 6-12months, with nutritious and delicious meals prepared fresh each day on-site
  • Consultations with our Paediatric Nutritionist 
  • Dedicated cots for each child, including their own linen
  • Daily communication with families, directly to your smartphone, via Xplor


Unique to the Senses ELC Nursery program, we have developed our 'Mother Hen' program that employs experienced women, that have the cuddling credibility of being mothers and grandmothers, to provide a loving pair of arms and a familiar reassuring face.

Our experienced mothers will be in regular attendance at the centre as part of our Nursery team to assist with sleeping, settling, feeding and lots of cuddles.


Softness and a sense of calm have been incorporated into the design of our bespoke Nursery rooms, each catering to a specific developmental age group.

Peaceful colours and muted lighting, soft furnishings, lots of cushions and little nooks for parents and team members to settle babies, have been integrated into each rooms design. In additional there is ample space and resources for our very youngest children to explore and move in a safe environment.

We believe consistency of care is essential in our Nursery environments and have ensured that the structure of our Nursery team, led by an experienced Nursery Manager, means there will always be familiar faces. Each qualified Nursery educator will care for just one dedicated group of babies, to ensure they receive the essential one on one, individualised approach this age group requires.