From literacy and numeracy to creative expression, scientific exploration, physical development, technological immersion and sustainable practices, our comprehensive Preschool program equips children with the skills for the jobs of the future, and encourages them to become active and valued members in their community. It's an individualised curriculum that carefully balances state-of-the-art technology based learning with hands-on exploration, play and structured class times.

The Preschool program is led by a University qualified Teacher and runs daily from 9am-3pm with a before/after preschool recreation program from 7:30am-9am and 3pm-6pm. Families will receive real time communication and developmental reporting each day directly to their smartphone via Xplor. 


The Preschool program is an art based curriculum, integrating visual arts, drama, dramatic play, music and movement into the daily program. Involving children in rich sensory and active art experiences is fundamental to healthy development and aesthetic awareness, encouraging not only artistic expression but creative thinking, problem solving, the development of fine motor skills and overall cognitive development - skills that will be essential in the jobs of the future.

The dedicated Senses Art Studio will provide children with an inspiring and captivating space where they are able to think creatively, express their thoughts and feelings, solve problems and work collaboratively to be creative. The Preschool children will also take part in our quarterly ‘Artist in Residence’ program where they will explore creative concepts from some of Sydney's premier artists. 

We have also partnered with Soundplay, to provide a comprehensive weekly music program aimed at promoting confidence, kindness and musicality for children of all ages.


Literacy development is a vital part of children's overall development and encompasses much more than simply reading and writing. Developing the ability to speak, listen, communicate, understand, watch and draw provides a strong foundation for children to excel at school, socialise with others, develop independence and reach their full potential.

Our Authors program promotes early literacy learning in all its forms and takes place in everyday experiences and play, guided by the interests of Preschool children. The Senses Lending Library is always stocked with a range of books that families are able to borrow each week and our 'Australian Author Spotlight' and 'Book Club' programs allows children to immerse themselves in literacy and language development in a fun, interactive and inclusive way.


Our young Scientists, Technologists and Mathematicians will have daily opportunities to explore their natural curiosity, build their own theories about the way the world works and make new discoveries.

Utilising the Preschool Science Lab, interactive touchscreens and integrated workshop spaces, Preschool children are encouraged to ask questions, seek answers, solve problems, conduct investigations and develop their own understanding of the world, in a safe and sensory-rich environment.

The Preschool program facilitates an integrated approach to teaching science, technology, engineering and mathematics, by exploring place and patterns, problem solving, designing and spatial reasoning through real world applications.


Practicing sustainability empowers children to develop knowledge, explore values and develop an appreciation of the environment and its relationship to their world, laying the foundations for becoming environmentally responsible adults.

Tending to the Senses Kitchen Garden, participating in re-use and recycling programs, engaging in community initiatives and investigating different cultures, countries and ways of life will broaden a child’s view of the world.


Our Explorers program supports children in developing an understanding of the importance of physical, social and emotional health and wellbeing.

Our Senses : Chef and Senses : Sport program will expose children to the importance and benefits of nutritional and physical health through a hands-on interactive approach, ensuring children develop healthy habits that will remain with them throughout their development.

Our educators will also work with children to develop a strong sense of identity, social skills, understanding of sharing and strategies to manage social interactions they will experience when they enter Primary School.


This program, led by our Preschool Manager, encompasses a full calendar year program of activities and events that focuses on each child’s academic, social and emotional development, to ensure they transition smoothly to Primary School.