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So, who are we?

Early childhood is distinguished by play, where children from birth have the innate ability to experience the world around them through their senses. 

Senses ELC has really explored the research and we recognise that for young children to learn best, they need daily opportunities to play in sensory-rich environments, where sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing are the focus and very much encouraged.

At Senses ELC, we have developed an early learning experience designed for children to thrive, by engaging in multi-sensory experiences, in sensory-rich environments, where play is always at the centre of everything we do.

We value that early childhood is a significant and wondrous time in its own right, and over way too soon. We want to ensure that early childhood is cherished and celebrated and children are provided with ample opportunity for playful learning, humour, creativity and risk taking – all serious work for young children!

Our program is defined by 5 key concepts:

1. Multi-sensory experiences

When young children use multiple senses to process new information, they learn by doing what they do best – investigating, exploring and discovering.

2. Sensory rich environmentS

Young children are wired to investigate by smelling, listening, touching, tasting and looking, this is their process for acquiring information. Our learning spaces ensure children receive this rich sensory experience.

3. playful learning

Playful learning is an approach that uses children’s play to support discovery, learning and problem-solving. Integrating both free play, and guided play into an early learning program promotes children’s healthy, holistic development and helps build a strong foundation for academic success.

4. balance

We know that the children in our care are developing in an increasingly technological age - it's undeniable.  At Senses ELC we aim to strike a balance between traditional, contemporary and emerging learning approaches.  This includes combining new age technology and learning, but remains true to the guiding principle that young children learn best through play.

5. familiar faces

Our team are the cornerstone of our quality care and education offering. We have invested heavily in our professional team, including additional qualifications, with the aim to exceed the educator to child ratio beyond the required industry standards.  Our team structure ensures that families are always welcomed by familiar faces. At Senses ELC we understand the importance of familiarity and consistency.